i think the picture speaks for itself. People say that smoking weed helps you study really well cause it makes us focus, which is a load of crap!

Smoking and studying can never go together as far as i know. maybe at first you would feel like youre pretty prepared for an exam. Just wait for the question paper to be presented to you. I dare you to ace that shit!!! Weed can really screw up your memory. so i really dont advice people to practice this awesome habit 🙂

im only speaking from experience, i know people arent the same. but this would apply to the majority of stoners.

this reminds me of a hilarious stoner film

this movie is about two guys smoking their way through college. but luckily in their case they end up successful. which happens only in the movies!



Yayyy!! my roommates are back with more weed…LATER 😛



The Motivation

what-is-your-motivation-dr-diva-verdun The Motivation

My morning started early around 5 am. The first thing i decided to do was check my facebook page. i came across this really interesting article from http://www.lifebuzz.com and really made me start to think. 30 things to start doing for yourself was the name. Something with a title like that would be very intimidating or even exciting. After going through this article it made me realize that i needed something in my life, something to keep me active and concentrated on the real world. 

#25. Start being more open about how you feel. – If you’re hurting, give yourself the necessary space and time to hurt, but be open about it. Talk to those closest to you. Tell them the truth about how you feel. Let them listen. The simple act of getting things off your chest and into the open isyour first step toward feeling good again.

This short pointhas been copiedfrom the article 30 things to start doing for yourself. Since im not the kinda guy who is really good with conversations and people. i decided to turn to Blogging instead. I really do have lots to get off my chest and i thought this would be abrilliant idea.

Thus i decided that i should start blogging. i have never done anything like this before. i have never even read a single person’s blog in the past. Not even doing this to attract readers. Hope i enjoy this #fingerscrossed


the active high

okay so i just cleaned up the room. being a stoner has its cons. for instance, the room becomes a pig sty after a short while. and plus im a guy so i guess you would get it. for me being active , up and about while being stoned is pretty rare. so its a really really big deal! LOL

also while stoned or even drunk i tend to become this really polite person who i dont even recognize myself. i transform into a person who becomes truly generous,caring and helpful person. i guess that would count as pros.


i really need to get better at this. will check out other blogs and get better! #optimistic

Smokers confession

Everyday starts off with a Bong hit, everyday ends with a bong hit and a cigarrete to charge that motherfucker up.

#thefirsttime ive been smoking weed since i was in the ninth grade. i was never into it back in the day. i never really enjoyed it so much before. infact it use to scare the hell out of me. also it was poorly judged by the public. stoners were said to be cheap and made fun of. My schoolmates and i decided to bunk school and smoke weed one day. i usually hung out with my seniors. they had planned everything. the weed,munchies,the location where we would meet and means of transport. my buddy had rolled a joint which was finished in a short while. so this wasnt everyones first time. it was just me. I was as high as an eagle! i couldnt stop laughing. and i didnt even know why i was laughing. This went on for a couple of minutes. i had thot that i became bonkers. this experience never did much for me. it didnt make me like weed. it didnt make me not like weed either.tumblr_m15mvcROhX1rrkqk6o1_r1_500

My love for weed only started later during my college days. Till today ive been a regular smoker. i believe that weed for me is a remedy. we all know its a drug. it has helped many people in numourous ways. for me its my escape really. i need weed to make me space out and not worry about reality. weed helps me in many ways ,it gives me a trip when i dont have to think about the material world my social relationships. it just takes me to this place where i can just relax and feel myself go through a slow orgasmic explosion LOL. FINE! so it seems like im not really using it for a good purpose. it aids me for just a couple of hours. and the truth is at the end of the day we cant run away from everything. we do have to face our fears. we have to get off our asses and make everyday count. #confession


this message here doesnt mean that i would be quitting any time soon. its just to prove myself that i realize what im doing, what effects it has on my body and life. i will quit eventually #determined